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All Eye Care Services Near You!

Eyeglasses, Contact Lenses, Exams and more

Our entire team of optometrists and opticians is here to take care of your eyes and vision. We bring you a full range of eye care services for your family in our convenient optometry clinic.

Our eye doctor will perform a thorough eye exam to check your vision and inspect the health of your eyes. If you need vision correction, we’ll update or determine your accurate prescription for eyeglasses or contacts. With first-rate diagnostic technology in our office, our eye doctor will check for any signs of common eye disease.

We offer a vast collection of designer frames for you to choose from. Our optical staff will recommend stylish eyewear to flatter your face and give you sharp vision. We also provide fittings and eye exams for contact lenses, and a wide selection of lenses is available.

Our trusted eye care services go above and beyond, because your vision matters to us.

We are committed to making sure you look and see your best!

Dry Eye Treatment

Are your eyes dry, scratchy and itchy?

If you have the annoying symptoms and irritation caused by Dry Eye Syndrome (DES), we can help bring you dry eye relief. Our professional eye doctors will assess your eyes with an eye exam to determine the most suitable dry eye treatment.

Once we identify what’s causing your condition, we’ll recommend various strategies and treatments to bring you effective dry eye relief. Wearing contact lenses is one common cause for dry eye syndrome, and you may need a new type of lenses made from a different material.

Dry eye treatment includes eye drops, medicine for eyelid disease, protection against environmental triggers (such as dry air and wind), and specific medical procedures that we can do in-office.

There’s no need to live with eye irritation, or suffer from scratchy and itchy eyes!

Contact us to schedule an appointment, and we’ll help you find dry eye relief.

Contact Lenses for Hard-to-fit Patients

Do you want to wear contact lenses, but never dreamed it would be possible? Perhaps you may have been told you can’t wear contacts, and so you gave up on the idea. We specialize in hard-to-fit patients, and we can help make your dream of wearing contacts come true!

Nowadays, there’s a diverse range of premium contact lenses, and there’s a quality option for almost every condition. Whether you have presbyopia, astigmatism or dry eyes, we’ll fit you with a pair of contacts that provide comfortable, crystal-clear vision.

With many types of contact lenses available, including soft, hard gas-permeable, hybrid, daily disposables, extended wear lenses, toric, bifocal and multifocal contact lenses, we’ll devote our attention and time to find the best lenses for your needs. Although in the past you may have been told that you can’t wear contacts, all of these new, current options have changed everything!

In addition to fitting you with contacts, if your prescription isn’t up-to-date, we’ll check your vision with an eye exam by our experienced eye doctor. Contact us today for an appointment for your professional contact lens fitting!


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