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Dry Eye Syndrome Getting You Down? Tips on Protecting Your Eyes This Cold Season

Even though many people refer to winter as the wet season because of the precipitation, the air is really a lot dryer during the winter, causing your eyes to be irritated more quickly.

Our team is available to assist you in selecting the most effective ways to keep your eyes moisturized during the arid winter months. Even before you step outdoors you can help your eyes by using a humidifier. Eye doctors advocate using humidifiers in rooms with forced air heaters, which can decrease moisture from the environment.

In addition, make sure to take extra precautions once you're going outside into the cold air. You can further shield your eyes from the wind and cold by wearing a brimmed hat and wearing sunglasses. Always try your best to keep the harsh winds away and prevent evaporation of the tear film in your eyes.

One more easy tip for avoiding dry eyes, is using high quality eye cream. Our vision center can suggest a good eye cream to help you protect the delicate eye area.

Don't forget that if you use contact lenses it’s important to be especially careful in the colder months. If able, use rewetting drops often. Lenses are like sponges and are required to stay lubricated to maintain their shape. Once they loose moisture, the contacts can change form and stick to the eyeball, causing discomfort and blurriness. So do your eyes a favor and keep them lubricated this winter. With a little knowledge and preparation, you can avoid the hazards of the harsh elements and keep your eyes clear and moisturized all season long!

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