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Exciting New Alternatives in Optics & Frame Technologies

New Advanced Alternatives in Hopewell & Lambertville, NJ.

What are your visual needs? Do you work in front of a computer for extended periods every day? Do you spend every weekend on the golf course or swimming? Or perhaps you work with occupational hazards that could threaten your eye health and safety? No matter what your lifestyle demands, Hopewell-Lambertville Eye Associates offers eyewear to satisfy your requirements.

Computer Glasses.

Specialized computer glasses can reduce digital eyestrain and limit exposure to hazardous blue light radiation. Also, these customized glasses adjust your focus so your eyes feel like they are focusing on something further in the distance. This alleviates the stress on your eye muscles. Computer glasses are also tinted with coatings to diminish glare. If you work with computers or view a digital screen regularly for long spans of time, ask our Hopewell & Lambertville, NJ, eye care specialists whether computer glasses are suitable for you.

Sports Glasses & Swimming Goggles.

Top-ranked sports performance on land or water depends upon sharp vision. Whether you’re hunting in a wooded forest, teeing off on the fairway, casting a fishing line, or diving through waves, you need to see crisp and clear. Acute peripheral awareness, precise hand-eye coordination, and good depth perception are also necessary.

When underwater, prescription swimming goggles are the healthiest, most effective way to see clearly. In addition, shatterproof lenses are essential for any sports that involve whizzing balls or crashing players. A pair of sports glasses from Hopewell-Lambertville Eye Associates can satisfy all your active visual requirements and keep your eyes safe.

Safety Eyewear.

Regular eyeglasses may be fine for reading and watching TV, but they are not all-purpose. If you work in an environment that puts your eyes in harm’s way, you need to protect your vision with safety eyewear. We offer a full line of safety eyewear that’s suitable for construction jobs, tasks that deal with hazardous chemicals, yard work, and any activities that involve sparks or flying debris. Visit to discuss your specialty eyewear needs with the optical staff at Hopewell – Lambertville Eye Associates.

We offer eyewear for your needs.

Examples of our specialty eyewear:

  1. You sit in front a computer for 8 hours a day - you might want to consider glasses that allow for Intermediate (20" to 30") / Near ("14" - 19") multifocal.
  2. Golfers whom need to see the fairway, but not be able to see the ball at their feet.
  3. Fishing - polarized sunglasses, avialable in single vision or multifocal
  4. We offer safety eyewear, not only for sport, but also for the worksite and / or workshop


Varilux Family of Lenses

Crizal Anti -relective coating

Transitions  Light to Dark lenses: Prtoection of your eyes from damaging Ultra-violet light

Polarized lenses (KBCO, NUpolar)

Litstyle/Ultralitestyle (Polycarbonate): safe and thin

Ultra-thin lenses High index from 1.60 to 1.74


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