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Eye Patches: A Simple Solution to a Common Problem

Are you concerned that your child has a lazy eye? Amblyopia comes about when the brain shuts off or suppresses vision in one eye. Vision might be suppressed if a child can't see as well with one eye because of issues with distance vision, and in some cases, astigmatism. Along with eye glasses, one of the treatment options is patching your child's eye for a number of hours per day to boost sight in the lazy eye. So how does wearing a patch actually remedy the problem? Well, for the most part, implementing the use of a patch trains your brain to connect with the weaker eye, eventually improving how well it functions.

In some cases, it can be quite hard to have your child fitted with an eye patch, especially when they're really young. Their stronger eye is covered with the patch, which makes it harder for your child to see. It can be difficult to justify the process to your young child; that they must wear the patch to help their weaker eye, but not being able to see well is precisely the thing that makes patches so difficult. There are a few tricks to help your kids keep their patch on. For preschoolers, use a reward chart with stickers. Patch manufacturers understand the challenge; patches are available in loads of kid-friendly colors and patterns. Let your child be feel like they're a part of the process and make it fun by allowing them to select a new and fun patch each day. Older kids will be able to intellectualize how patching works, so it's worthwhile to have a talk about it.

Patches are a great solution to lazy eyes and can be very effective, but it depends on your child's help and your ability to remain focused on the long-term goal of helping your child's vision.

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