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FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts) For Eye Health Care

Flexible Spending Accounts and Eyecare

Eye health and Vision care and materials are a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) eligible expense.

Eye exams for your kids and yourself, and the expenses for eyeglasses, contact lenses, contact lens solution, refractive surgery (LASIK), myopia (nearsighted) control, Orthokeratology, dry eye treatments and more are FSA and HRA eligible. Learn more by visiting us at

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Did you know that nearly two out of every three Americans wear prescription glasses, and yet it's surprising there's so much confusion around the FSA eligibility of eye wear and vision care. What's even more surprising is why more Americans aren't using their tax-free funds to pay for the products and services necessary to maintain proper eye health. And we're not just talking eyeglass repair kits and lens wipes -- there are some seriously surprising eye care items on our Eligibility List.

With the end of the year coming soon and as we approach the winter, it time to get ahead of your eye health and well being checks. With the many issues facing us there can be some major issues that can be addressed through a comprehensive eye health exam. We can address the optimization, check the eye health for cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and more as well relations to the systemic issues such as diabetes, high blood, thyroid disease, cardiovascular concerns, cancer.....

Prevention starts with protection… The Eyes are the Windows to Your Health
No, we're not talking about high school health class… But the same thinking applies. According to a survey from The Vision Council, 75% of American adults in a survey are concerned about UV eye exposure, but only 31% report wearing sunglasses when going outside.

And cloudy days aren't much safer than sunny ones; you can still do some damage when it's overcast, because UV rays break through clouds and can damage unprotected eyes. Prescription sunglasses are FSA-eligible, so what's stopping you from being smarter than the 69% of people who leave their eyes unprotected?

Are Contact lenses covered by FSA / HRA? Yes!

Let's be clear: there are plenty of places to buy contact lenses. But how many of them allow you to the comprehensive care you deserve and a choice of options that will best suite your lifestyle needs. And yes, contact lenses entirely covered with your FSA. Maybe we're a little biased, but we think you'll enjoy buying your contacts this way. Contacts can be purchased through our office directly, or via several online options.

Refractive and Surgical Options: Orthokeratology; Myopia Control and LASIK

For your kids, we are concerned about the potential of nearsighted or myopic progression that can lead to difficulties in academics, sports, daily activities and long term potential pathology. As such we offer many options in myopia (nearsighted control) including soft and gas permeable lenses, orthokeratology and more.
For the adults seeking a new life without or limited use of eyewear or contacts we offer many refractive surgical options including (laser eye surgery) called LASIK. Which can be completely eligible for FSA and HSA reimbursement. Even though LASIK is expensive, think again. With respect the future lack of needed eyewear and in combination of the tax benefit cost reduction using FSA/ HRA accounts, it makes the procedure very affordable.

Cost is obviously important, but we stress the clinical care and aspects of eye health prior to any decision.
It's not limited to LASIK, either. Medically necessary treatments and routine eye exams are all part of FSA eligible vision care.

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