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Gas Permeable Lenses: Do They Make Sense for You?


Although soft contacts are more often used, a second, less familiar kind of contact lens materials exists: gas permeable (GP) contact lenses, also known as oxygen permeable lenses.

In reality, hard lenses involve newer technology than soft contacts, and they are longer-lasting, allow finer vision quality, and offer enhanced deposit resistance. Additionally GP lenses can also be less expensive in the long run than soft lenses. Certainly, you need to first consult with your eye care practitioner to decide whether RGPs suit your needs. Our optometry office can assist you in determining if you’re a candidate for hard lenses.

Since an RGP is constructed from inflexible material, it does a good job of maintaining its shape when you blink, which tends to provide sharper vision than the average soft lens. In addition GPs are extremely long-lasting. Though they will crack if stepped on, they don’t tear easily like soft lenses. Further, because they consist of substances that don't contain water, proteins and lipids from your tears won't stick to RGPs as easily as they do to soft lenses. People that are especially particular about vision quality will probably opt for RGPs.

RGPs are also sometimes preferred for people that have certain conditions such as astigmatism, presbyopia or keratoconus, where soft lenses may not fit comfortably or provide enough variety. RGPs are also preferable for those who need contact lenses after refractive surgery.

If you're looking into hard lenses, make sure to first ask your optometrist to ascertain if you truly are a suitable candidate. Who knows…hard lenses might be the right solution for you!

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