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Have You Had an Eye Exam Recently?

When we have healthy eyes, we sometimes overlook the importance of a routine eye test. Nevertheless, timely diagnosis of eye disease is crucial to maintaining healthy vision and eyes. This can easily be done with an annual eye test.

A significant number of eye and vision diseases don't have any obvious symptoms. Therefore, individuals are often unaware that problems exist. You can book a comprehensive optical exam at our Lambertville, NJ office, with our highly-trained optometric team. Our Lambertville practice employs the latest technology to provide you with a thorough eye exam.

Glaucoma affects more than three million Americans proving to be the primary cause of blindness. Glaucoma is sometimes referred to as ''the sneak thief of sight'' because it can strike without any forewarning. Most adults in America don't use corrective lenses and don't schedule comprehensive eye exams, thus putting their eyes at danger.

The danger is that most adults are not informed that sight-stealing diseases like glaucoma and cataracts are often a-symptomatic and without a routine exam are often diagnoses only when it's too advanced.

Routine eye examinations to check for eye disease should be a priority. Be sure to schedule regular eye exams with your local eye doctor in order to keep up your vision and eye health for years to come.

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