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There are a variety of different types of eye accidents that can occur, some more serious than others. Some might necessitate emergency action and immediate care by an optometrist, while others can be treated at home. Read these guidelines for typical eye injuries, to determine your next step in case of an accident. Keep in mind that common sense safety protections including using protective glasses may be your best bet for avoiding eye problems altogether.

One injury that should not be taken lightly is a scratched eye. It can cause serious harm in a short amount of time and potentially result in vision loss. Scratches are normally caused by a poke in the eye, or scratching the eye when there is a particle of dust or sand in it. Because a scratch can open your eye to bacterial infection it's crucial to see your optometrist or an urgent care center. The best advice for a corneal abrasion is to keep it loosely covered and to visit your optician as quickly as possible to make sure it is isn't infected. Touching the eye will only make it worse and entirely covering the eye provides the perfect environment for bacteria.

Being prepared for what to do if you have been splashed in the eye by a chemical is extremely important. The first thing to do is put your face beneath a strong flow of barely warm water for about 15 minutes. Next call your eye doctor or an emergency room to see what they suggest for such injuries. Make sure to inform the medical professional precisely what chemical entered your eye and what you've done. If your eye is extraordinarily red or blurry, go straight to your optometrist or an urgent care clinic after flushing it with water. Chemical encounters with the eye can cause a range of injuries, from minimal pain to serious harm and even blindness.

Though it is sometimes unpleasant to anticipate a serious eye injury, it's recommended to know how to react in potentially hazardous emergencies. By following this guide you can feel confident that you'll know how to face most routine eye issues. Don't forget, extra safety measures can help prevent these injuries altogether so speak to your eye doctor about preventative eye care options!

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