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Keeping Lids Clean

Do you have inflamed eyelids, also called blepharitis? It's a common eyelid inflammation, usually associated with an existing bacterial eye infection, specific types of skin conditions, or dry eyes.

Generally, symptoms include redness, itching, burning, a gritty sensation in your eye, tearing and crusting around the eye. It can often be difficult to treat, because it's usually chronic.

The good news is that there are several steps you can take to take control of blepharitis and guarantee that your eyes stay clean and healthy. Start with putting a warm towel to your outer eyelids to help the crust begin to loosen prior to cleaning them. The heat from the compress will also help dislodge any clogged residue in your eyelids' oil secreting glands. At the start of your treatment, you may find you need to repeat this several times a day for about five minutes every time. Later on, you can apply the compress once daily for a few minutes.

Cleaning your eyelids is a necessary part of blepharitis treatment, so you should use a commercial lid scrub or whatever product your optometrist recommends. You want to lightly massage your outer eyelids and wash any residue away when you're done.

Although it may be uncomfortable, blepharitis isn't contagious and largely, doesn't cause any permanent harm to your eyesight, so call your optometrist about the most effective way to maintain eyelid hygiene.

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