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Multifocal Lenses

If you're middled-aged and having some difficulty reading small print, you may have developed presbyopia, a common age-related condition that prevents you from clearly seeing near objects. If you already struggle with distance vision, and are later on diagnosed with presbyopia, you won't have to start carrying and switching between two pairs of glasses. Multifocal lenses will allow you to see clearly all the time, tending to both issues at once.

Multifocals are far superior to bifocals. Bifocals do fix problems with both near and far vision, but usually objects in between were blurry. To correct this problem, progressive lenses were invented. These provide wearers with and intermediate or transition region allowing you focus on distances that are in the middle. How does this work? Progressive lenses feature a gradual curvature, unlike a bifocal lens, which is sharply divided. For this reason, progressive lenses are also known as no-line lenses. This creates not just better vision at near and far distances, but also good transitions between the two.

However, you may take a bit of time to adjust to these lenses. While the invisible lens curve is more elegant, the lens's areas of focus are relatively small, so they they're all able to fit.

Bifocals are still used though; they are used to treat children and teens who experience eye strain, which is the result of a struggle to focus while reading.

Multifocal lenses are most beneficial when they're customized to your specific needs. When you're ready to get yours, enlist the services of a professional you can trust.

Wearing an incorrect prescription can lead to eye strain, discomfort and headaches. Presbyopia catches up to the majority of us at a certain age, but it doesn't have to be debilitating. A simple pair of multifocals can make a world of difference.

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