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Solar Eclipses and Eye Safety

Solar Eclipses and Eye Safety MARCH 14, 2024: (reprint from the American Optometric Association) Reference: Reference: Eye safety should always be the number one priority when viewing a solar eclipse. The following information is being provided by the AOA and Hopewell Lambertville Eye: Hopewell Lambertville Eye.  For more information...

March is Women’s Eye Health Month

Learn why regular eye exams are crucial for women and discover how Hopewell-Lambertville Eye Associates can help care for your vision.

Glaucoma: The Silent Thief of Vision

Glaucoma Awareness Month January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month, an important time to spread the word about this sight-stealing disease. More than 3 million people in the United States have glaucoma. The National Eye Institute projects this number will reach 4.2 million by 2030, a 58 percent increase. Glaucoma is...

Ocular Complications Related to Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic Use and Ocular Complications Beauty products are not as harmless as they seem. The use of eye cosmetics represents a lifestyle challenge. Eye cosmetic products and/or procedures may be associated with multiple adverse effects. These may cause harm and/or exacerbate or promote the development of ocular surface and adnexal...

Eye Drop Recalls – Do not Take a Risk – Do Not Self Treat – Call the Doctor

Eye Drop Recall due to Serious Contamination leading to Infections and Vision Loss Health Alert from Hopewell Lambertville Eye Before you start to treat yourself for an "eye condition" it is more appropriate to seek the advise of your eye doctor at Hopewell Lambertville Eye. It is not advisable to...

Diet and Nutrition – Eye Health: Prevention of Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration & Diabetic Retinopathy

Diet and Nutrition prepared by Hopewell Lambertville Eye Nutrition: Critical In Preventing Eye Disease and Maintaining Eye and Whole Body Health Diet and Nutrition No, you’re not getting any younger. But eating the right foods can protect your vision and keep you healthy. Research says that foods rich in vitamins...

Online Vendors  – Be Very Cautious With Contact Lens – Eyeglass Purchases

Online Vendors  - Be Very Cautious With Contact Lens – Eyeglass Purchases What Happens to Your Health and Your Privacy when Purchasing Eyeglasses or Contacts Online   In recent years, we have seen a growing number of health care-related websites and apps have opened the door for self-diagnosis and treatment, often...

Smoking and Vaping Can Lead to Vision Loss or Blindness

Smoking Can Lead to Vision Loss or Blindness "Smoking Can Lead to Vision Loss or Blindness" is also available as a printable PDF (PDF, 128KB, 2pg.). Smoking cigarettes affects many aspects of your body, Eye Disease and Smoking: Smoking has long been known to cause heart disease and lung cancer; however...

Importance of Back to School Eye Exams

Importance of Back-to-School Eye Exams Plan on an annual vision limited school screening, but it does supersede a in person eye exam for your kids and yourself. Screenings may identify vision issues but do not address them directly, particular eye health issues. As your child prepares to start another school...

Cataract Surgical Options: Intraocular Lens Options

Cataracts and Intraocular Lens Options Other than the brain, the eyes are the most complex part of the human body. And while the complexity of the eye is necessary for its unique functionality, this same complexity means there are more possibilities for things to go wrong. It’s also why there...

BLINKLAND – Eye-Friendly Mobile Board Game Blink Land

Eye-Friendly Mobile Board Game Blink Land A great new way to have fun  and learn about eye health. Ready to roll the die? Blinkland app Hopewell Lambertville Eye Associates believe an educate patient is our best patient - no matter what their age. A why not have fun...

Eye Examines can reduce the risk of Dementia (and other conditions)

Getting eye exams, wearing glasses reduces risk of developing dementia. A new study says that getting an annual eye exam or wearing glasses or contacts can reduce the risk of dementia. Gracia Lam JAMA Ophthalmology found that people with untreated visual impairments have a higher chance of developing dementia...

Encourage Eye Safety for Activities

Encourage Eye Safety for Activities Help protect patients by discussing sport and safety eyewear at every patient encounter By Kenneth Daniels, OD, FAAO April 1, 2021 Consider the patient who experienced an alkaline burn to the cornea, the patient who had a thorn enter her left eye; the patient whose...

Eye Protection at Work, at Home and at Play

Photo © Getty Images At work and at play it is vitally important to have the proper corrective and protective eyewear. The following guideline prepared by the CDC an NIH has been summarized by Hopewell Lambertville Eye ( to assist our patients in the proper advisement of eyewear specific to...

Keep Your Eyes Safe This Summer

Summer is in full swing, and so are your summertime activities. Whether you’re hanging out in the backyard pool or spending quality time outdoors with family, it’s important to remember your eye safety — no matter how much fun you are having. Here's are some tips from Hopewell Lambertville Eye...

Nutrition: Critical In Preventing Eye Disease and Maintaining Eye and Whole Body Health

Nutrition science is rapidly evolving, and practitioners and patients are becoming more mindful of the science of preventing disease rather than just treating it. Studies of age-related macular degeneration have shown the importance of the carotenoids lutein, zeaxanthin, and meso-zeaxanthin in preserving macular health in aging eyes. Studies of cognitive...

Guidance to Protect Eyes Against Exposure to Air Pollutants 

American Optometric Association Consumer Alert and Guidance to Protect Eyes Against Exposure to Air Pollutants Wildfires are actively causing poor air quality in the northeastern U.S., posing a health danger to millions of Americans. These conditions are expected to last through the weekend. Naturally, smoke irritates the eyes and lungs...

Keratoconus – The Condition and Treatment Options

What Is Keratoconus? Left: A healthy cornea; Right: A cornea with keratoconus. Your cornea is the clear, dome-shaped window at the front of your eye. It focuses light into your eye. Keratoconus is when the cornea thins out and bulges like a cone. Changing the shape of the cornea brings light rays out...

Quick Tips for Dry Eye Relief

Quick tips for dry eye relief and steps to take if your symptoms worsen.

March Means Madness (Basketball) and Eye Injuries

Keep your eyes on the game and safe from injury with sports safety glasses. Now that we have officially entered the month of March, some of the most exciting (and competitive) few weeks of sporting competition are about to kick off, leaving just one accomplished winner crowned at the end...

International Women’s Day (March 8th): 5 Problems with Eyes That Women Experience

5 Problems with Eyes That Women Experience Women are at risk for eye problems, but less than 10% are aware of this concern, reports Prevent Blindness. More women than men are likely to suffer from vision issues that can threaten their sight. Here are five problems with the eyes that...

Age-Related Macular Degeneration Awareness

Advanced-age adults who face increased odds of developing a degenerative eye disease frequently narrow their worries to conditions that are most in the spotlight and/or prevalent, such as the world’s two leading causes of blindness — cataract and glaucoma. Lost in this mix among senior Americans is adequate awareness of age-related...

The Vision of Visionaries: Presidents and Eye Health

President's Day : We recognize the United States' presidents as visionaries, but these leaders also had trouble seeing — literally? This Presidents' Day we recognize that "everyone" could be at risks of eye health and vision problems - as well as our leaders. Several of our President's had significant eye...

Eye Health through Good Eating & Good Snacking

Eye Healthy: Good Eating  & Good Snacking Eat Well -  See Well from Hopewell Lambertville Eye ( : Did you know diet and exercise are important to maintaining your eye health? Maintaining a normal body weight can help decrease your risk for developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer , cognitive function...

The Link Between High Myopia and Serious Eye Diseases

High myopia – severe nearsightedness – is associated with an increased risk of serious eye diseases such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, and cataracts.

The Importance of Regular Eye Exams in Detecting Macular Degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) can cause severe vision loss, but early detection can help preserve your vision.

Eye Exam Saves Woman’s Life by Detecting Brain Tumor Early

Here's how eye exams helped save Katie's vision and quality of life. Call Hopewell-Lambertville Eye Associates to schedule your appointment.

How Diabetes Increases Dry Eye Risk in Children and Adolescents

Children and adolescents with diabetes are significantly more likely to suffer from dry eye syndrome (DES) than their non-diabetic peers. Read on to learn why diabetics are at higher risk, and how Hopewell and Lambertville Eye Associates Dry Eye Center can help.

Glaucoma – Silent Vision Loss Can Be Prevented

Glaucoma is one of the most common eye worldwide and yet associated vision loss can be prevented with the most simple step: have an eye health exam at Hopewell - Lambertville Eye (  for early detection and treatment (if needed). Glaucoma even though it is thought to occur in older...

Technologies and Treatments To Assist In Eye Disease Diagnosis and Management

Hopewell-Lambertville Eye Associates is a full scope optometric-ophthalmic practice known for its cutting-edge proactive and preventive eye and integrative health care. Now it offers patients three technologies few other practices in the country have: the Clearpath Diabetes Screening, iTrace combination ray tracing aberrometer/topographer, OPD Scan topography and aberrometry VMAX Vision’s...

How Long Does It Take To Switch From Glasses to Scleral Lenses?

Switching from glasses to scleral contact lenses can take several weeks. your Hopewell eye doctor will provide instructions on how to properly insert, remove, and care for the lenses, as well as how to monitor for any potential complications. Read on to learn more.

When Should You See a Retina Specialist?

Many retinal conditions can lead to vision loss if not diagnosed early and treated promptly. If your optometrist notices signs of retinal disease, they’ll manage the condition until it's necessary to refer you to a retina specialist.

Eye Injuries During the Holidays – Be Careful

Eye care doesn’t take a holiday  As December is upon us and the Lights of Hannukah will burn bright as does Rudolf’s Nose leading Santa to your home, so, does Old Man Winter arrives on Dec. 21, bringing bitterly wintry blasts to nip at our faces and eyes and when...

Experts Warn of Rising Levels Of Myopia

Discover why experts say there’s a myopia epidemic, and learn what you can do to keep your kids’ eyes healthy. Hopewell and Lambertville Eye Associates Myopia Management Center proudly offers myopia management treatments to nearsighted children for healthy and clear life-long vision.

Natural And Holistic Dry Eye Treatments

Medication doesn't always work to heal dry eye syndrome's underlying cause. The following natural and holistic remedies may relieve your eye discomfort and relieve your symptoms.

7 Eye Care Tips for the Holiday Season

Your eye experts at Hopewell-Lambertville Eye Associates have compiled our top 7 tips for keeping your eyes healthy and safe this holiday season. Let us know how else we can help!

Flexible Spending Accounts : Eye Health  – Eyeglasses – Contacts – Refractive Surgical Care

Flexible Spending Accounts : Eye Health  - Eyeglasses – Contacts – Refractive Surgical Care With just a couple of weeks remaining in calendar year, time is running out to spend your designated “Flex” funds from your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) on eligible healthcare costs. If you or your spouse /...

High Blood Sugar Linked to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Did you know that having atrophied meibomian glands can signal uncontrolled blood sugar levels? To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Hopewell and Lambertville Eye Associates Dry Eye Center today!

Supplements That Slow AMD Progression

Aging comes with many blessings but also certain challenges. Having a higher risk of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is one of them. Fortunately, a formulation of vitamins and minerals called AREDS2 may slow the progression of vision loss from AMD. We at in Hopewell offer treatment for macular degeneration and other eye diseases.

City Kids Are More Likely To Be Nearsighted

Did you know that a risk factor for developing myopia (nearsightedness) is living in an urban area? But don’t worry – the myopia management program at Hopewell and Lambertville Eye Associates Myopia Management Center can help.

Thanksgiving and Eye Health: Eat Well  – See Well:

Thanksgiving and Eye Health : Vitamins, nutrients in holiday foods could benefit eye health: Eat Well  - See Well: Eating well reflects not only on your overall health but also your eyesight. Colors in your food will allow you to continue to see the beautiful colors of the seasons...

Raising Awareness About Keratoconus

World Keratoconus Day is celebrated every year on November 10 to raise awareness of this rare eye condition. Read on to learn about keratoconus and how it’s treated.


Daylight Savings Time  - Sleep and Vision   The change in daylight saving time will force most of us to get up and set our clocks an hour ahead, which effectively advances an hour of daylight from daytime to nighttime, give us those long summery nights. Whether or not the...

How to Win A World Series?: Ask the Pros – Contact Lenses for Sport (and Everyday)

"See the ball  - Hit the Ball" Ask the Phillies How that might win the World Series Ask Bryce Harper how contact lenses have transformed his on field performance and how it can help enhance your kids as well as your own visual athletic, past-time activities and academic performance. Pete...

Could You Pass on the Keratoconus Gene?

Genetic testing can help determine whether you have a genetic variant that may put you or your children at risk for certain diseases. Read on to learn about genetic testing for keratoconus.

Living With Dry Eye Syndrome

In the grand scheme of things, having dry eyes might not seem like a big deal, but dry eye syndrome can negatively affect your quality of life over time. At Hopewell and Lambertville Eye Associates Dry Eye Center we treat dry eye syndrome by targeting the root cause of your symptoms.

Protect Your Eyes With These Contact Lens Safety Tips

It's Contact Lens Safety Month, which makes it the perfect time to brush up on ways to keep your eyes and vision healthy when wearing contact lenses. Here are our top contact lens safety tips to keep your peepers happy.

Childhood Glaucoma: Here’s What You Need to Know

Glaucoma in children is rare, but when it occurs, it must be treated with surgery to prevent vision loss. Read on to learn more about congenital glaucoma symptoms and treatments.

Eye Health and Safety during Halloween Season: Keep Your Eyes Safe on Halloween

Eye Health and Safety during Halloween Season: Keep Your Eyes Safe on Halloween All contact lenses must be prescribed by a licensed eye doctor such as at Hopewell Lambertville Eye ( , including decorative lenses. Any contact lenses that are not prescribed by a doctor are illegal and could cause...

Why Glasses Are Not the Solution for Progressive Myopia

Traditional myopia correction uses glasses to improve visual acuity, but they are not a solution for controlling myopia’s progression and may even contribute to worsening myopia. Myopia management is an effective treatment program to slow or halt myopia progression.

Eye Health Concerns with Breast Cancer (and other Cancers)

Eye Health Concerns with Breast Cancer (and other Cancers) October is breast cancer awareness month and ocular health can show signs of metastasis. Most people are not aware that breast cancer (which occurs both in female and males) can cause health changes in the eyes. The most common place in...

Contact Lens Options and Safety – Deciding If Contact Lenses Are An Option

Are Contact Lenses Right for You? Contact lenses are available for virtually every prescription and lifestyle. Being able to see well, for most, is essential to performing the activities of day to day life. Good vision contributes to overall well-being and independence for people of all ages. For those with...

How Long Does It Take for Macular Degeneration to Progress?

Macular degeneration is a disease that can threaten your sight as it progresses, but early diagnosis and treatment can delay and even lower your risk of vision loss.

Are You Suddenly Seeing Dark Spots? Here’s What You Should Do

Seeing floaters is common and usually nothing to worry about. Yet there are times when floaters are a sign of a serious eye condition. Here’s what you need to know about eye floaters, and how Hopewell-Lambertville Eye Associates can help!

Is Myopia Management Worth The Financial Investment?

The most important reason for choosing myopia management is to protect your child’s precious gift of sight from sight-threatening eye diseases. But here’s an added benefit: it may save you money in the long run!

Can You Wear Contacts With Corneal Dystrophy?

If you have corneal dystrophy, it will become increasingly difficult to wear standard contact lenses. Scleral lenses are an excellent choice for patients with many types of corneal irregularities, including most types of corneal dystrophy. Read on to learn how Hopewell and Lambertville Eye Associates Scleral Lens Center can help.

3 Effective Ways to Relieve Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common eye conditions in the world, yet many people put up with the discomfort, even though it's very treatable. Here are tips to help you deal with your dry eye symptoms, along with treatment from your eye doctor.

What Are the 5 Most Common Dry Eye Symptoms?

Many substances and situations can cause dry eyes, such as certain medications, hormonal changes, and your environment. No matter the cause, having dry eyes feels pretty terrible. Here we list the different symptoms of dry eye and address treatment options.

Ways You Can Prevent Vision Loss From Glaucoma

Unfortunately, glaucoma doesn't show any symptoms until its advanced stages. Read on to learn what you can to preserve your vision and live your best life.

5 Eye Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Here are 5 eye symptoms that you should never ignore. Call Hopewell-Lambertville Eye Associates without delay if you or a loved one experiences any of these eye or vision problems.

Why Back to School Eye Exams Are Important?

Why Are Eye Exams Important? Good vision is critical to the academic and athletic performance of your kids (and yourself). While parents are anxious that their children not fall behind academically, eye professionals are concerned that undiagnosed visual problems will have an impact on the child's performance during the coming...

Computer Vision and Digital Eyestrain

There’s one demographic that may use screens more than any other: gamers. Results from our Gamer Survey show that on average, gamers spend more than eight hours a day using handheld electronic devices and over four of those hours playing video games on those devices. That is more than a...

LASIK Complications: How Scleral Lenses Can Help You Regain Clear Vision

Have you or a loved one have experienced complications following LASIK or any other type of refractive surgery? Scleral lenses may be just the solution you need! Read on to learn how scleral contact lenses can help restore clear and healthy vision.

How to Reduce Your Child’s Risk of Myopia

Childhood myopia — nearsightedness — is reaching epidemic proportions. Fortunately, there are steps parents can take to reduce their child’s risk of developing myopia.

Start The Year Right With A Pediatric Eye Exam

Every child should have a comprehensive eye exam before the start of the new school year. Just as you wouldn’t consider sending them to school without a backpack or a lunch box, make sure their eyes and vision are ready for the challenges ahead.

Back-to-school eye exams are crucial

Parents and educators often incorrectly assume that if a child passes a pediatrician’s or school screening, there is no vision problem. The American Optometric Association (AOA) reports that 75% of school vision screenings miss vision problems, and 61% of children with vision problems never see an eye doctor. Screenings are...

Why Get Custom Contact Lenses?

Custom contact lenses are specially designed to fit irregularly-shaped corneas. If you find wearing regular contact lenses uncomfortable, ask your optometrist if custom contact lenses are right for you.

How Does High Myopia Affect Eye Health?

High myopia isn’t just difficulty seeing faraway objects. It can actually increase the risk of developing serious eye diseases later in life. Read on to find out how you can slow or halt your child’s myopia progression.

How High Blood Pressure Can Lead to Vision Loss

If you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure, you're at risk of developing certain eye diseases. Read on to find out how to protect your vision.

Can I Be Blinded By A Nerf® Gun?

Did you know that Nerf® guns, a supposedly safe children’s toy, have been shown to cause eye injury in certain cases? What makes them so dangerous?

Summer Eye Problems – Precautions

Summer Eye Problems While the hot weather gives us a warm welcome from the chills of winter and the showers of spring, hot weather can also have adverse effects on the eyes. There are many potential threats to your health and your eyes from the hot weather that require a...

Hyperopia and Your Child

Hyperopia affects near vision in children and young adults. Want to know more about hyperopia? Here we explain ways to recognize the condition and help your child if they have it.

Why Is There Sticky Mucus In My Eye?

Whether you call it eye goop, crusties or gunk, there are times when a bit of mucus around your eyes is normal — and times when it’s not. Learn how a dry eye optometrist can help.

Summer Eye Safety: Goggles – Contact Lenses – Protective Lotions (SPF)

  Nothing beats the allure of a shimmering swimming pool on a hot summer’s day. But before you dive in, make sure your eyes are adequately protected from the dangers that lurk under the surface. Wear Sunglasses Our skin isn’t the only part of our body that needs to be...

Fireworks and Eye Safety: What You Need to Know

Enjoy the Celebration of the 4th of July  -  But Be Safe As families and communities make plans for a star-spangled Fourth of July, many anticipate the holiday’s traditional fireworks displays and the use of home fireworks. The poor and improper handling and use of consumer fireworks  are highly related...

Everything You Need To Know About Keratoconus

Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease that causes the cornea to thin and bulge, resulting in blurry and distorted vision. Here are the most commonly asked questions about keratoconus.

Can Cataract Surgery Prevent Dementia?

Cataract surgery not only improves vision. Research suggests that cataract surgery may also prevent cognitive decline.

You Can Get Sunburned Eyes: Yes – Be careful

Did you know that your eyes can get sunburned? Can you get sunburned eyes? The short answer is YES. You can get sunburned not just on the eyelids and skin around your eyes, but also on the cornea (on the front part of your eye) and whites of the eye....

Can We Stop Myopia From Progressing?

Myopia management, an optometrist-developed program, can slow and even halt the progression of a child’s myopia. Read on to learn more.

June 27 Is National Sunglasses Day!

Here’s how you can celebrate National Sunglasses Day on June 27.

What’s The Connection Between Dry Eye And Asthma?

Studies have found a correlation between asthma and dry eye syndrome. Fortunately, a dry eye optometrist can help by treating your uncomfortable dry eye symptoms.

How to Slow Down Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Cataracts

Nutrition  - AREDS: Help You Keep Your Vision People whom have concerns about their eye heath or suffer this vision impairment should learn about the proven benefits of the formulations produced by the AREDS and AREDS2 to reduce the risk of AMD (Aged Related Macular Degeneration), cataracts, or glaucoma. Whether...

Cataract Awareness

June Cataract Prevention: To learn more  - ask the doctors of Hopewell Lambertville Eye: Prevent Blindness America has declared June as Cataract Awareness Month. Cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss in the United States, and it is the leading cause of blindness in the world. There are 24 million Americans...

COVID-19 Office Updates

For your safety and the safety of our staff, we ask all of our patients and staff to wear masks when entering our offices.  As of June 8th, 2020 -  resumed hours for patient care. With this - we have instituted an extensive protocol for the safety of our patients...

Stay up to date on our COVID-19 pandemic protocols Read Our Blog Post…