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Choosing Eyeglass Frames

The Best Way to Choose Eyeglass Frames


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Eyeglasses, if picked appropriately, can boost your best facial features, while hiding your less preferable features. It's essential to collaborate with an optometrist to select a complementary style that works well with your prescription. Eye doctors become specialists in this area so we can aid the various customers who come to us for assistance.

There are several considerations to consider when choosing a frame. The very first consideration is your face shape. You ought to also consider your hair color, and skin tone. In addition, think of what you will be using the frames for, such as basic usage, reading, or sport. Ultimately you must consider just what kind of material you like best for the frame, and the lenses.

The initial point to take into consideration when selecting a frame is your face shape. There are typically seven different face shapes, and different frames look best on each various kind of face. Take a look at this video for an aesthetic description of how to establish your face shape:.

Now that you understand what shape your face is, exactly what frame is the most flattering?


Oval. Oval faces are symetrical, and are longer than wide, which makes them the simplest to find frames that are flattering. Almost any frame looks excellent on oval faces.

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Square. Square faces have wide foreheads and strong jaws, and are in proportion to one another. A square face looks best with frames that soften the angles of the face. Round, oval, and somewhat curved frames are perfect, along with slim frames.

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Round. Rounded faces have soft foreheads and chins, without any angles. A round face looks best with frames that will add angles and definition to the face. Rectangle-shaped frames balance the softness of the face. Strong colors are also a great option.

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Triangle. Triangle faces have slim, round chins and wide foreheads. Faces that are triangle shaped appear best with frames that add design details and color at the top to balance the face. Both cat-eye and semi-rimless frames look fantastic.

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Heart. To balance out a heart shaped face, pick smaller sized frame styles without detail, and a lower set temple. Rectangle-shaped, square, and aviator frames will all work with this face shape.

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Oblong. Oblong faces have square chins with a face that is longer than it is broad. Oblong faces look best in round, square, or rectangular frames, as well as details on the temples. Try to find frames that include width to counterbalance the length of the face.

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Diamond. Diamond faces are slim on the top and the bottom. The best frames for diamond faces are frames that bring attention to the top of the eyes, such as cat-eye shapes, or extremely ornamental frames.

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