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Adjacent to the Constitution Bank and The Peasant Grill on Broad Street


At the Intersection of River Rd (RT 29 & Rt 179) and Bridge Street


For 24/7 Emergency Eyecare Services call: 609-213-5008. Contact Us.

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Eyeglass and Contacts Lens Programs

Contact Lens Patients: It is highly advisable that all contact lens patients have a "back up" pair of eyeglasses. Therefore, Hopewell Lambertville Eye offers all contact lens patients a 20% discount of eyeglasses. Order online now.

Eyeglass Programs: Every patient may need a second or spare pair of eyeglasses. This could be a reading glass to complement their multi-focals, a pair sunglass or sport performance eyewear, or simply a second pair for emergency or for fashion. Whatever the need, Hopewell - Lambertville Eye Associates offers all of our eyewear patients a 25% discount on a second or multiple pairs of eyeglasses or performance eyewear.

Vision Plans and Hopewell - Lambertville Eye Associate Programs: A patient must utilize their vision plan option first, and then they can enjoy the extra discount on eyeglasses or performance eyewear.

Coupons for contact lens wearers: Many manufacturers offer coupons for an additional savings on a patient purchase of contacts. This can be used in conjunction with any vision plan.

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