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Adjacent to the Constitution Bank and The Peasant Grill on Broad Street


At the Intersection of River Rd (RT 29 & Rt 179) and Bridge Street


For 24/7 Emergency Eyecare Services call: 609-213-5008. Contact Us. Email Us.

Office Policy: $50 Missed Appointment Fee – Cancellation / Reschedules require 24-hour notice.

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I went for my first appointment recently and was very happy. Dr. Zhao was great. Didn't try and upsell me - in fact told me that my glasses were fine as they were and just to come back in a year.
10 months ago
- Tom K.
Review for Dr Zhao (and Dr Parma) and the Lambertville office. I really like this little no nonsense office. High quality, no rush care with no waterfalls or glossy overhead. Very thorough exam and able to ask many questions ( about my cataracts). Great doctor and tech assistance with no attitudes. Highly reccommended from my three appointments so far. This office makes the Phillips Eye Care joints look like factory farming.
1 year ago
- Don M.
Best eye exam I've had. The doctor and optometry student that helped me were thorough and thoughtful. I had previously been to a provider where I had a negative experience and was weary as I walked into the office but I couldn't be happier with the service provided. I don't have vision insurance and was ready for a hefty bill. However, the standard exam and contact lens fitting only cost me $185. I had spoken with a few providers prior to booking my appointment here and they quoted me much higher. Even more, before the exam started the doctor noted that I didn't have insurance and reviewed the costs with me- no one likes a surprise medical bill. I will definitely be back!
1 year ago
- Loren G.
I have been going to this eye doctor for about three years now and they are some of the most helpful, pleasant, and efficient health service providers I have ever encountered. They never try to oversell me on anything, and they will talk me through everything and answer all of my questions knowledgeably. And the people manning the front desk are all angels!! Thanks Hopewell-Lambertville Eye Associates! Keep being your wonderful selves 🙂
4 years ago
- Jennifer S.
Wonderful staff and great service
5 years ago
- Persian P.
Dr. Daniels gives a very thorough exam. The staff is nice and courteous.
5 years ago
- Joanne S.
***Update 2019. A great follow up visit from a year ago. Fantastic customer service. Great doctor. Great assistant. Great staff. Thank you for making my day brighter. *** Fantastic customer service. Checked to see if my insurance covered my visit and called well before my appointment to let me know. Then searched out a coupon for a prescription for eye drops and called to tell me that. Very good customer service! Also Dr. Hermann was amazing and even caught something no one else have ever told me. Would definitely recommend this eye doctor!
5 years ago
- Shari A.
Our office is a medically based eyecare provider addressing the many needs of healthcare for our community in a very personalized manner. Our office, a member of the communities that we serve, are very respectful to all of our patients and their valuable time and the individual needs and concerns. In fact, we have been recognized as the Best In Eye Care Hunterdon Happenings List every year since 2016. Our doctors are also academically affiliated with several graduate schools and have taught other doctors nationally and internationally. We see patients by a specific appointment time in the most efficient manner possible. Our staff is more than kind and pleasant with our patients and will always strive to fully address their needs. Prior to every patient's appointment we will acquire prior authorization of coverage for their exam and material benefits and review this with the patient either before they present to our office or at the time they present for their visit. Our policy is to remind (phone / email) patients 72 hours prior to their appointment time, review the coverage and answer any questions they might need to address. Even though it is a patient responsibility to understand their coverage, it is often confusing. As such, we do our best to review and detail the patient on their coverage and the financial responsibility dictated by the carriers. Most importantly, we have a very caring staff whom are kind and wonderful people - being considered "family". They are trained to work with every patient as if the patient was also family - working with them in a courteous and efficient manner. They abide by our office policies, which also abide by state and federal regulations to protect and serve the public. To address Ms. Sabon, our office had been overly accommodating to Ms. Sabon by re-scheduling her daughters due to a family issue from Tuesday to Friday at 4:00 appointment. However, she presented an hour early at 3:00 and expected and demanded to be seen straightaway in front of other patients. Other patients had already arrived for their appointments and as such, we properly honored their appointment time. Her drive is her choice based on the limited provider panel of her carrier. We have cared for M. Sabon's family previously without any concerns, however on this day she presented with four children whom could have been better behaved in the office. Her comment on glasses - expecting them on the same day simply cannot be done based on her vision plans policy. As she very well knows, from her previous visit with us, her vision plan requires that they (the vision plan's lab) fabricate glasses which takes 1-2 weeks and then once received the patient can pick up the glasses or we will ship them to the patient to avoid an inconvenient second trip. Additionally, her vision plan (as well as all vision plans) do not cover 100% of the materials, the patient has defined allowances for materials leaving the patient financially responsible for a portion of eyeglasses or contacts lens based on the defined benefits of their plan. In summary, we will always do our best to care for and accommodate the needs of our patients, however, we ask that our patients also be respectful of our staff and other patients.
1 year ago
- Kenneth D.
Have been going to Lambertville Eye for a few years, I brought my Father and now bringing my sister. They are a thorough caring facility that actually LOOK for issues with eyes & seek to remedy them properly. I went to an eye doc place in the Mall back a few years ago & this was an Entirely different approach at Lambertville Eye. Far more sophisticated equipment & far more detail in the exam at Lambertville Eye My Father had his cataract surgery with their associate Ophthalmology professional & that went off without a hitch. And all my Glasses have been perfect! Kassandra helped me with that & I’m going back with my family again next month! Terrific service. Highly Recommend
2 years ago
- Karl S.
Dr. Daniels takes the time to explain everything he does and to lay out options for treatment. He is a professor of ophthalmology with specific expertise in contact lenses, so when you go to him you know you are with the best.
3 years ago
- Stuart C.
My grandson was treated by his PCP for pink eye and was not getting better. We called the office and he was seen on the same day. The treatment from Dr Hermann and the staff was great. We now have a new eye doctor.
6 years ago
- Kathy F.
Very Caring Staff, My husband injured his eye and the doctors and staff went way beyond with his care. He was seen the same day and also received followup calls to see how he was feeling.
6 years ago
- michele f.
Hopewell and Lambertville eye assoc are highly recommended, everyone goes above and beyond to make a great experience
6 years ago
- Ellie S.

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