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This Month is Holiday Toys and Eye Safety Month

The holidays are almost here which means dolls, radio controlled airplanes, and Leapster Explorers. Adoring grandparents delight in treating the favorite little ones with the coolest toys to start off the New Year.
Leading optometry specialists advise that parents explain to others some guidelines about toys and eye safety. Accidents involving toys and games may occur, sometimes resulting in blindness.

Here are a few guidelines to guard kids from toy related harm:

  1. Remember, developmentally suitable toys only! Be careful not to permit younger siblings to handle toys and games meant for older brothers or sisters.

  2. Teach children how to use new toys and games. If possible, before allowing children to play, carefully check toys for broken or loose pieces.

  3. Don't let small children play unsupervised.

  4. Protect little eyes by tossing out any toys with dangerous, pointed edges or projectiles, such as BB guns.

Before you purchase the popular toy or game that your kids have been begging for, spend a few moments to check toy safety guidelines. The holidays are a great time for creating special moments with your loved ones, not the ER doctor. Avoid a trip to the ER this year and have a joyous holiday.

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