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FAQ: Hybrid Contact Lenses

What is a hybrid contact lens?A hybrid contact lens combines a GP (or “hard” lens) center and a soft skirt to give you the clear, crisp vision of a “hard” lens and the comfort and ease-of- wear of a soft lens.Hybrid contact lenses are an advanced contact lens option specifically designed for keratoconus and irregular cornea patients. The center of the lens is an RGP and it is surrounded by a soft lens material.

Screen Shot 2017 08 03 at 5.48.45 PMWhat is the difference between a GP lens and a hybrid?
GP lenses have been prescribed to people with keratoconus for many years. The GP lens is often the answerfor people that can’t get good vision out of a soft lens.A hybrid lens delivers the benefits of a GP lens, but also has several additional benefits. First, the lens has asoft skirt, which makes it more comfortable. The skirt also holds the GP lens in place; thereby preventingthe lens from dislodging during activities or sports. The skirt also helps to prevent dirt and debris fromgetting under the lens.

What is silicone hydrogel?
Silicone hydrogel is a type of soft lens material that provides high oxygen transmission for excellent corneal health.

Do these lenses correct astigmatism?
Yes, Hybrid Lenses such as Duette, Duette Progressive and Duette Multifocal correct astigmatism. Unlike soft lenses for astigmatism, Duette lenses deliver vision that is stable and not affected by blinking or shifting your gaze.

What is a progressive contact lens?
Progressive contact lenses are like progressive glasses in a contact lens. The lens has a range of powers from near to distance to enable you to see up close, far away and everywhere in between. Unlike progressive glasses, multifocal contact lenses do not require you to tilt your head to find the right spot for seeing at different distances.

What is a multifocal contact lens?
Multifocal contact lenses have multiple powers in one lens to correct your vision at all distances: up close,far away and in between. The power in the lens gradually changes from near to distance to provide natural vision at all distances.

What is the difference between hybrid contacts and sclerals?
Hybrid contact lenses offer clear and stable vision from a gas permeable (GP) center and comfort from a soft lens material called a skirt. The soft skirt makes the lens comfortable and helps pump tears and deliver oxygen throughout the day.Scleral contact lenses are much bigger than a hybrid or a gas permeable (GP) lens. Similar to a hybrid, the scleral vaults over the cornea; however, the whole scleral lens is made of a gas permeable material even the portion of the scleral lens that lands on the white part of the eye (sclera). Tear circulation is minimized.

What is the difference between UltraHealth and UltraHealth FC?
The advanced design and materials of both lenses enable a healthy flow of tears and increased oxygen to the eye.  Depending on the shape of the corneal irregularity, your Doctor will recommend one lens over the other.

UltraHealth is primarily prescribed to patients with keratoconus, or other irregular cornea irregularities.

UltraHealth FC is primarily prescribed to patients with corneas that are flatter centrally such as Post-Rk,post-surgical, or with other refractive error or trauma.

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